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A sneak peek inside our Graduate Assessment Day

01 September 2015

In August, we held a Graduate Assessment Day at the Tower Hotel in London for 34 university graduates. Graduates develop valuable skills during their studies that can be transferred to the workplace, and our assessment day allows people to demonstrate their ability to do this.

Unlike many corporate companies, we don’t require graduates to have six years work experience, ten references and an OBE – instead, we place value in a can-do attitude, entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to beat your competition.  Graduates who have these qualities tend to thrive in the recruitment sector, which follows the principle of ‘you get out what you put in’.

The day

The event was attended by 34 candidates, three  Talent Acquisition consultants and five senior members of staff including the Managing Director.

We kicked off the day with informal introductions, asking each candidate to tell us an interesting fact about them. Our candidates were from all walks of life and included a former semi-professional footballer, an owner of their own fashion label, musicians and even a body builder.

Task 1: Interview and sell your neighbour

The first task we set our candidates was to interview and sell the person next to them. The graduates had just ten minutes in which to interview one another, and only one minute to sell that person to us.

This was a great opportunity for us to test their listening and presenting techniques. The role of a recruitment consultant is dependent on their selling skills, so it’s imperative that they’re able to think on their feet and have the confidence to sell someone they’ve just met.

Once the task had been completed, it was down to our senior members of staff to decide who had made the cut. After an X-Factor style judging process, 16 lucky candidates entered the room for round two.

Task 2: Team presentation on recruiting for the NHS

We asked the remaining graduates to work in groups of four to identify and present the pros and cons of recruiting for the NHS. Once again, the candidates had just ten minutes to prepare their thoughts before presenting to our panel.

The purpose of this task was to test our graduates’ knowledge of recruitment and the NHS. Even more importantly, we wanted to see how they worked together as a team. Recruitment is often seen as a solitary role, but we encourage our consultants to support one another and encourage others through friendly competition.

Task 3: Pitch yourself

After lunch, candidates entered the final round: a one minute pitch about why we should hire them. This was the candidates’ final chance to demonstrate their selling skills and highlight their value.

At the end of the day, ten graduates had made it through all three tests. We were delighted to offer these candidates formal interviews with th business managers.

Commenting on the day, Stephanie Melton (Talent Acquisition) said: “We really enjoy hosting days like this; as well as being good experience for recently graduated students, they help us to find excellent candidates and the future managers and directors.” ”

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For more information or to receive information on our next graduates day contact our Talent Acquisitions team on 01992 474980.

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